Chicago, IL

A lighthearted question and answer session between Chance The Rapper and his fans on Twitter soured fairly quickly after one overzealous individual brought the Southside of Chicago out of the rapper.

It all started on Wednesday, (June 12) when Chance initiated a seemingly playful dialogue in a series of tweets that asked questions like, “At what time does it stop being brunch?”

Chance soon started curving fans after one caught his attention with their disapproving reply to a video he made using a snippet of TisaKorean’s “Soapy Anthem.”



“I need something to dance to my guy. “We at the carnival I really like the fair” doesn’t get my jitterbug going. Still excited for the album though,” the Twitter user wrote in response to the video.

Chance’s reply was swift and presumably injected with sarcasm as he directly addressed the lone comment.

“No one cares brice,” he began the tweet.



“Just learn how to dance and stop bitching.”

It appears his reply angered a couple of tweet watchers who decided to step in and say their piece, and thus, the flood gates burst open when a user going by the name Chris Richardson replied to Chance.



“People have different tastes and that’s fine but the way you’re talking to fans who’ve been with you since 10 day is disappointing and that ego reflects in the quality of your newest music,” Richardson wrote in a response to the rapper.

The response Richardson received was even more swift and blunt than the previous.

“Eat a dick,” Chance replied.

As if the harsh remark wasn’t enough, Richardson hurled another insult at Chance, and from there, a small back and forth exchange began.

By this point, other users began to chime in, some expressing their support and or disbelief of Chance’s behavior and others coming to the support of Richardson.



“Nah I refuse to believe that’s Chance talking. 100% he was hacked. Impossible,” a user replied to the thread with Richardson.

Richardson replied, “he sure didn’t use to act like that.”

“Nah it’s me,” Chance wrote, assuring fans the free smoke was a product of his frustration.

The exchanges continued and Chance continued to put people in their place.

Chance seemingly took all of the Twitter beef in great stride, though, moving on and tweeting “Boom bow,” immediately following the interactions with fans.