Miramar, FL - 

YNW Melly was arrested on two counts of first-degree murder in February and is currently sitting behind bars at a Florida jail waiting for trial. On Wednesday (May 15), his family shared a jail phone call to his Instagram account.

During the call, Melly explains why he doesn’t believe he’ll be convicted.

Although the audio is difficult to decipher, Melly clearly states toward the end of the call he’s “coming home.” He also makes several references to God and cites the religious figure as the reason he will get out of this.

“God is real,” he says. “He has cleansed my soul, he has blessed me tremendously. He’s the reason I’m coming home.”

The caption reads, “Melly shared a message for his fans. he appreciates all of your prayers and positive energy being sent his way. #grateful #blessed.”

Melly stands accused of murdering his two friends — YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy — last October in Miramar, Florida. YNW Bortlen, who was with Melly at the time, was also arrested and hit with the same murder charges and two counts of accessory after the fact.

Melly pleaded not guilty in March. Based on the phone call, he doesn’t seem to think the charges will stick.