Detroit, MI – Detroit MC Chris Orrick, formerly Red Pill, is gearing up to drop his forthcoming album Out To Sea May 24 through Mello Music Group and is debuting “Funny Things” off the album to kick things off, exclusively through HipHopDX.

On “Funny Things,” there’s not too much Chris finds funny as he progressively tackles the bigotry and entitlement he’s observed from people he knows while scrolling through social media.

“I came up with the idea after seeing local news posts about seemingly benign, or even positive things, about society on Facebook get inundated with ‘haha’ reactions from clearly right-wing Facebook users,” Chris told DX over e-mail.

“Anything deemed a legitimate threat to humanity or society by leftists seems to get laughed off by any blurry profile pic dipshit white dad, wearing a camo hat with a ‘REAL PATRIOT’ American flag filter,” he continued. “I’ve also had to block all of the middle-aged white women that are my friends’ moms. Your dedication to making everything about yourselves, from ‘My Diet Coke doesn’t have enough fizz tantrums in public to complete lack of critical thinking skills Jesus memes, it is both sadly admirable and frankly frightening. Everything that doesn’t affect you personally isn’t a silly ‘haha’ reaction.”

Listen to “Funny Things” up top.

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