Atlanta, GA – Three unidentified men opened fire at an Atlanta recording studio during Waka Flocka Flame‘s recording session on April 4, Billboard reports.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, one man named Timothy Nickson was injured amongst a reported dozen people. The Bricksquad boss got away without harm.

Police arrived at ZAC Recording studio, where the alleged shooting occurred, at approximately 2:09 a.m. EST and two men had their guns drawn. Authorities took the two men into custody, though they explained to cops it was to protect the studio.

They were later released.

Several witnesses informed police that the three men let off several shots and Nickson was struck in his right arm. An ambulance transported him to Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital.

One other victim is listed on the report along with one person who was cited for possession of cannabis.

It’s unclear at the moment if Waka was the intended target. No arrests have been made as of yet.