Newport News, VA – Virginia-bred MC Caleb Steph is kicking down doors in a major way with the release of his debut project, Bellwood Product.

The scenic rapper stands as the first Hip Hop act signed to The 1975’s label Dirty Hit and has linked with HipHopDX for the premiere of his project’s accompanying video in “Black Boy.”

“Working with [director] Dan Regan and the rest of the crew was more than a collaborative effort,” Caleb Steph continues. We formed a bond and close relationship while making this. The whole crew met my family and got to hang around in the environment that played a part in creating me and they fully embraced where they were beyond a professional level. It was a beautiful experience for everyone involved in the video. Doing something like that in Virginia is just unheard of a lot of the times. I’m glad I got to make that happen with the people I made it happen with.”

The eight-tracked Bellwood Product follows suit on much of “Black Boy’s” ethos, as it details the African American community’s struggle and strife as seen through the eyes of young Caleb.

Bellwood Product” and the ‘Black Boy’ visual are strictly for/of the people, especially for Virginia,” he continues, explaining the importance of his rookie season. “Being a voice for myself and also the voice of the unheard. The voices that scream quietly in a sense of fear. Fear of the world around them and fear of the unknown. Caleb Steph no ego, just a voice of my muthafuckin’ people. This is just the beginning.”

Watch the telling “Black Boy” visual up above and lock in down below to stream the Bellwood Product album in full. For more information, follow @calebsteph on Instagram.