Diddy formed two bands. One was infamous for their on-air brawls and squabbles. Oh, can’t forget the cheesecake. The other was famous for their pretty girls. The latter was the most successful in Danity Kane, who recently stirred up some pregnancy rumors involving Puff.


Aubrey, one of the singers of the group, was said to be pregnant with Diddy‘s child. The rumors were flying around and someone had to put a stop to them.


According to Diddy, this was all a hoax.


“She was playing around with y’all,” Diddy told Hot 97. “That girl ain’t even pregnant. I don’t get down like that.”


“You telling these people these crazing things in the morning? They can’t believe what y’all say…Check this out, she’s not pregnant, I’ve never dealt with that girl, I never even looked at her for more than ten minutes… I just called to let you know you can move onto somebody else’s stuff.”

Media Take Out reported Aubrey‘s denial of the rumors as well. Here is her statement:


“In light of the recent and quite absurd rumors of my pregnancy, I would like to state very clearly that I am not and have never been pregnant, nor has my relationship with Diddy been anything more than strictly professional.”


In related news, Diddy also spoke up about new television projects he is working on.


He is currently working on Making the Band 4, Taquita and Kaui, a spin-off of Making the Band 3, and Run’s House.