Huntersville, NC

DaBaby has been reportedly cleared of any charges relating to a deadly shooting at a Huntersville, North Carolina Walmart last November.

According to WSOCTV, the burgeoning Charlotte rapper was facing a charge of carrying a concealed gun in the case, but it was dropped in court Thursday (March 28).

At the time of the incident, police swarmed the store and remained on the scene for hours. Huntersville Police Chief Cleveland Spruill said one of his officers was on-duty and in the Walmart parking lot when the shooting occurred. The officer immediately entered the store and found several individuals were involved with the incident.



Police said one person was shot in the abdomen and was pronounced dead at the scene. Huntersville police later identified the victim as 19-year-old Jalyn Craig.

“We just heard he got into an altercation with some rapper,” Craig’s friend Jaden Major said. “That’s what was going around on Instagram.”

After the initial investigation, officers determined the shooting stemmed from an altercation inside the store between multiple people. Police identified all individuals involved in the shooting and four people were taken to the Huntersville Police Department to be interviewed.

DaBaby confirmed his involvement shortly after the shooting and insisted he acted in self-defense, explaining security camera footage would back up his story. He alleged he was confronted by two men with weapons while shopping with his family.



“If them gunshots ain’t go off, nigga, my fuckin’ daughter could’ve got hit, son could’ve got hit, me,” he said in a social media video. “Fuckin’ lawyers telling me not to say something and shit, fuck all that.

“Two niggas walk down on you and your whole muthafuckin’ family, threaten y’all, whip out on y’all, nigga, let me see what y’all gon’ too. You feel me?”