New York, NY – In honor of International Women’s Day, Rapsody joined Buzzfeed News AM to DM to discuss her new music, the best advice she’s gotten from JAY-Z and the women who are impacting today’s Hip Hop scene.

The Grammy-nominated rapper described her sound as lyrical and poetic, but said she also appreciates the different types of music rap heavyweights Cardi B and Nicki Minaj bring to the table.

“I’m good on soulful music, dope drums,” she said. “I like music with a lot of feeling. I love Cardi B because her music is really fun. Nicki makes a lot of big music [for] people across the board, mainstream-wise and I just like to hit you in the soul with stuff.”

Cardi and Rapsody have been supporting each other since 2017, but the North Carolina queen took time in the interview to show special love to her Bronx colleague and revealed the two met each other for the first time last weekend.

“She’s an MC that’s in it just to have a good time and to dance,” she said. “That’s what I love about her. She’s fun, she’s herself.”

Rapsody was 28 when she became the first female rapper to sign with Roc Nation. After working together for almost 10 years, she had only good things to say about JAY-Z leadership and advice.

“The one thing to hear from him is to always be yourself,” she said. “You’re on the right path … even though success to other people may be different from what yours is, keep doing what you’re doing.”

Her Roc Nation debut, Laila’s Wisdom, was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Rap Album category last year. Now, she’s in the studio working on her next project, which she said will be completely different.

“We went somewhere else with it and experimented and thought outside the box,” she explained. “It’s something that I’m proud to share with my sisters.”

As for potential features, Rapsody gushed over Solange and her When I Get Home album and confessed, “She’s on my list.”

Seeing as it’s International Women’s Day, Rapsody also reflected on women’s role in Hip Hop today.

“I look at the guys, and they are all different and all different sounds, and I feel like they are all represented,” she said. “And I don’t feel like women are all represented as much as we should be in the mainstream media.

But she is excited so many new female acts are popping up.

“All the Dolls, whether it’s Kash Doll or Asian Doll, Tokyo Jetz, Noname, Dreezy, Ill Camille,” she said. “There’s so many. It’s a good time for music.”

Watch the full interview above.