Los Angeles, CA

Dej Jam Records is teaming up with WorldStarHipHop to showcase their roster of new artists through an upcoming documentary series titled, Undisputed. The series is set to release Friday (March 7), a day before the release of the label’s compilation album.

The eight-episode documentary series will chronicle Dej Jam’s roster of new artists involved in the six-day long rap camp, their individual stories and creation of the album.

Steven Victor, EVP of Dej Jam A&R, details the goal of the week-long rap camp in the trailer saying, “the honest truth of it is, to find out who’s going to sink or swim.”

The release of the new album and documentary series is part of Dej Jam’s 35 year anniversary. The label plans on using the anniversary date to usher in a new direction.

Dej Jam CEO, Paul Rosenberg spoke with Billboard about the rap camp’s pivotal impact saying, “Around 2017, I felt like Def Jam was in need of some reconnection and a new look forward [in order to] continue to impact the culture. When I was just a fan and not working in the industry, Def Jam was the place every artist in hip-hop wanted to sign to. There was Def Jam, and there was everybody else. My goal” — with the help of the rap camp artists — “is to make that the case again.”

The new series and proceeding album will feature newly signed artists; Ashton Travis, Bernard Jabs, Billz, Dominic Lord, Fetty Luciano, Landstrip Chip, Lil Brook, Lul G, Nasaan, Nimic Revenue, PVRX, S3nsei Molly, Sneakk, Striiipes, TJ Portern, YFL Kelvin and YK Osiris.

Watch the new trailer for the documentary series above.

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