New York, NY

The room was all set up. The musicians had taken their places. The camera was rolling. But, there was only one problem. The guest of honor — Future — never showed up for NPR’s Tiny Desk Performance. As a result, frequent Future collaborator Zaytoven stepped up and carried the performance on Future’s behalf.

For a nearly 12 minutes, the prolific producer and four other musicians delivered a three-song set of live trap instrumentals. As NPR writer Rodney Carmichael described, “After several hours of waiting, with the band all warmed up and ready, word came that Future would be a no-show. So, to our thrill, Zaytoven redeemed the occasion with his own Tiny Desk concert.”

Future was supposed to appear on the show to support The WZRD album, which was released on January 18 — the same day he was expected at the NPR offices. Following the long wait, Zaytoven evidently decided the show must go on. (And by the way, he still plays the organ at church every Sunday.)



Watch the impromptu performance above.