Producer Nitti, sky rocketed rapper Yung Joc‘s career and his with the 2006 track It’s Goin’ Down, but now the beatmeaker says that chapter is over.


“I have no plans to work with Yung Joc anymore whatsoever,” Nitti said to Sohh. “He do what he do and I do what I do. When you deal with people who call themselves CEO’s and they put the business between the artist and the producer, it messes up the chemistry. When a record makes a lot of money, people who don’t even have nothing to do with the record get to playing tug of war. It’s one of those situations where it gets sticky. It wasn’t my intention to have it go down like that because I broke the dude, but it goes down like that sometimes. That’s the game.”


Nitti is now focusing on future like his own solo album, Ghettoville USA, that he is planning to release.


“It’s like one of those top secret projects…it’s more like my personal album. I got some of those beats on there that I’ve been stashing, the ones that people say ‘why didn’t I hear that when you played those beats for me,” he said.


The producer himself handles most of the production but will also feature exclusive beats by other hit makers.

The first song off the album is Papah Boy, and is going to hit radio stations in a couple of months.

Reported By: Amanda Koger