New York City, NY - 

The investigation into the January 29 attack of Empire actor Jussie Smollett continues, but many online have remained skeptical about some of the details of Smollett’s account of what took place that night.

Not one to drink Kool-Aid (or anything) without asking lots of questions, Joe Budden explained to the crew of Revolt’s State Of The Culture during the February 4 episode why he thinks the attack did take place — just not the way Smollett tells it.

Calling it bizarre that — among other things — Smollett would leave a noose around his neck for 45 minutes after the attack, Budden remarked “Everything about this looks funny.

“I’m not saying he wasn’t attacked,” he quickly clarified, “he was certainly attacked … I want to make sure that I’m not being as insensitive as I’m known to be because he [definitely] got his ass beat. But, niggas get they ass beat all the time.”

Citing a Reddit theory that rather than heading to local Subway at 2 a.m., Smollett had been at a gay club with a man already in a relationship — and that the man’s boyfriend and a friend followed and attacked him that night — Joe suggested that the story we’ve heard was perhaps a spin of sorts.

“When bad things happen [to famous people] and they want to cover the story (because famous rich people do fuck shit), you cover the story so you can protect your image, your likeness, and your career,” Budden noted, at one point calling it record industry bullshit 101.

“I don’t know if we feel the same way if we find out it’s a regular crime,“ he said. “I’m waiting for footage. Just show me the footage and I’ll shut the fuck up.”

Meanwhile, Smollett — back in Chicago on the set of Empire — is being sought by detectives to chat about the incident. According to TMZ sources, police have not found any video of either the attack itself or anyone fleeing the scene. 

Smollett was attacked on January 29 by two assailants allegedly wearing MAGA hats, who broke his ribs, put a noose around his neck, poured bleach on him and called him a bevy of slurs names. It is currently being investigated as a hate crime.

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