It seems like everybody wants a piece of Tory Lanez. The latest challenger to step up is the Bronx’s own Mysonne.

Ever since Tory declared himself “the best rapper alive” last week, battles have begun on multiple fronts. The boastful artist has exchanged disses with Don Q and drawn the ire of the Dreamville camp. Now, he’s being targeted by Mysonne via a diss track titled “If He Dies He Dies.”

Mysonne kicks off the song with a warning for Tory.

“At some point you realize that your mouth wrote a check that your ass can’t cash,” he declares. “And then you realize you playing with a nigga that ain’t playing.”

After the opening message, Mysonne goes on the attack. He describes Tory as an overconfident singer who’s pretending to be a real MC. He calls Tory a fraud and tells the Canadian instigator to go back to making melodic music.

“The nerve of this nigga, got hot off of AutoTunes/Did songs with street niggas, now you feel like you a goon/That hairline is playing with ya brain/Somebody tell Tory better stay up in his lane,” Mysonne raps.

Listen to Mysonne’s “If He Dies He Dies” diss above.