Los Angeles, CA – Kanye West is accused of literally being too fashionably late on payments to a Japanese fabric supplier, and using fraudulent business tactics to duck the bill.

According to The Blast, Toki Sen-I Co. filed a lawsuit against the 41-year-old MC and his company Yeezy Apparel, LLC. on Thursday (January 24) for refusing to pay the company an outstanding balance of $624,051 for their fabrics to create his Yeezy sneakers.

In addition to Ye’s alleged non-agreement for alleged payment plan offers from Toki Sen-I, court documents also reveal that West is being accused by the company for creating a fake company so he wouldn’t become liable for the payments.

The company states that began their business relationship with him in 2015 to deliver samples for the next edition of his Yeezy sneakers and the transactions were smooth.

In June 2018, the relationship between the two parties became questionable when the company says Kanye placed a massive order for various fleece fabric materials, which were produced. Toki Sen says they did not receive a requested down payment from him for their work, but time passed as they trusted him based on their previous business history with him.

However, the principal amount was never paid.

Toki Sen-I claims that Yeezy Apparel is a “shell” and “sham” operating without capital assets or member interest, as West only uses the clothing and shoe company as a front for his personal gain.