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Elzhi, Ras Kass, M-Dot and Large Professor have joined forces for “Reaganomics,” a new single from producer B Leafs’ upcoming debut album, The Horizon. With cuts provided by DJ Slipwax, the track taps into that golden era Hip Hop nostalgia for four glorious minutes.

“‘Reaganomics” is a legacy that’s endured almost four decades and is more relevant now than it was back in the ’80s when the [Anti-Robin Hood] concept was scribbled down on Bonzo’s napkin,” M-Dot tells HipHopDX.

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“For those in the dark about the system, it’s where corporations/wealthy lined their pockets from the taxation of the middle class, creating huge national debt and unredeemable budget deficits which forced future administrations to cut funding for social programs.”

The Horizon is expected to arrive on January 29.

Until then, check out “Reaganomics” up top.