Atlanta, GA

Well over a year after the release of Quality Control: Control the Streets Volume 1, Khia seems to have taken issue with the project’s first single “F**k Dat N***a” by City Girls and Quality Control’s Pierre “Pee” Thomas.

She claims Pee sampled her 2002 hit song “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” without proper clearance.

“Pee, you know I’m mad at you because…you let those dirty-ass City Girls sample my shit, and you didn’t pay me,” Khia alleges in a video posted by Shade Room.

In her insult-filled rant, Khia also accuses the QC CEO of being broke and impregnating two friends at once, adding if he was “real,” he would have reached out to her to write for the duo.



Rather than go back and forth with baseless insults, Pee opted to take the high road, providing the classiest burn possible: straight up proof-of-payment.

“Thanks for listening to City Girls … I just want to let you know we cleared ‘My Neck, My Back’ with E1 who owns the master and Memory Lane and Third Side Music on the publishing,” he wrote via Instagram, also sharing a confirmation letter of proper clearance and a photo of the check given to Khia’s publisher.



“I suggest you reach out to your publisher regarding the clearance,” he continued. “We have the agreements for the use and everyone was paid.”

In the conclusion of the post, he saluted Khia for paving the way and added, “Keep blasting the City Girls.”

“F**k Dat N***a” was released in August 2017,  four months before appearing on the Quality Control compilation.