It seems as if R. Kelly has taken a page from Mike Jones’ book as the R&B singer has a phone number for anyone to reach him. While you don’t get to speak to Kells personally, you do get to hear a message from the singer as he previews songs from his new album, Double Up:

“What’s up yall’, this Kells, I’m glad ‘yall called. I’m in the studio right now…since ‘yall called, I’ma give ‘yall a snippet of what I’m about to hit ‘yall with.
Hold on, turn it off…this song called ‘Blow it Up’ with Jeezy…and I got Young Dro on here, they killin’ it.”

this message is a brief sound byte of the song Blow it Up. After the
song finishes playing, R. Kelly comes back on: 

give ‘yall the whole song. This next song I’m doin, it’s called ‘Leave ya
name,’ you feel me?”

song Leave Ya Name plays out like a musical version of an answering
machine message. In a similar fashion, R.Kelly previews the songs Double
ft. Snoop
Freakin’ In the Club, Put Some Money on It ft. Rick Ross, Hookin’ Up with Kanye
and Rock Star with Ludacris.

for the album, Kells promises the fans that it is “about 70% hip hop,”
though it is not exclusively upbeat hip hop tracks, and will include some slow

the message ends, you can leave your own message for R. Kelly. If you’re
calling from a cell phone, the messaging system will text you with information
following the call.

phone number to reach the Chocolate Factory Hotline is 312-278-3965.

album Double Up is set to be released May 29th.

Reported By: Slava Kuperstein