Miami, FL – Season 2 of Love & Hip Hop: Miami kicked off on Wednesday night (January 2). The series stars Trina, Trick Daddy, Prince, Amara La Negra, Gunplay, Veronica Vega, Bobby Lytes, Shay Johnson and Jojo Zarur. Like most Love & Hip Hop episodes, the premiere was filled with drama — this time between Trina and Trick.

The two had planned to release a collaborative project under the TNT moniker and even released a joint single called “Smooth Sailing” in 2017. But the album never quite came to fruition. During the episode, Trina accused Trick of cutting her set short and insists she’s done with the Hip Hop vet.

“TNT’s a partnership, but Trick don’t give a fuck about me,” she says in the clip. “He’s going to cut my song off? This man has no respect for anything I’ve done for him.

“This whole TNT project, I’m over it. Nobody gives a fuck no more. Trick, he don’t give a fuck because you know why? This guy is fucking disrespectful and I’m tired of the bullshit.”

A video for “Smooth Sailing” was released in August 2017, but that was the last offering from TNT. Judging by the Love & Hip Hop clip, their relationship has been anything but smooth sailing.

Love & Hip Hop airs every Wednesday on VH1.