Los Angeles, CA - 

Although he’s a pretty big star within his generation, Ventura all-star KYLE was really stoked to meet the legendary Ice Cube as they both visited famed Los Angeles radio station Power 106 for interviews.

KYLE was so stoked in fact, he felt extremely comfortable to the fact he rested his arm on the Everythang’s Corrupt creator’s shoulder — to which he was coldly instructed, “Don’t do that.”

Although he sheepishly laughed off the awkward encounter in the heat of the moment, KYLE really proved there was no shame in his game when he uploaded the incident onto Instagram while joking his chances of appearing in the alleged Last Friday movie were a wash.

J. Cruz, host of The All-New Cruz Show, tells HipHopDX that “love” was at the base of the lighthearted moment.

“We had this video and all watched it repeatedly and died laughing every time in private,” Cruz says. “Thanks to Kyle and his ability to turn this moment into something funny. We can all laugh together about it now. There were no hard feelings on either side.”

While he may not be attached to Cube’s storied franchise, the 25-year-old rapper is already making wave for himself in the film industry. After making his film debut in Netflix’s original The After Party, Fuse Media just ordered the rollout for the upcoming show, Sugar and Toys.

The animated series will be produced by Adult Swim alumni Carl Jones (Black Dynamite) and Brian Ash (The Boondocks).

“Our platforms are fast becoming destinations for hard-to-reach, young viewers that demand content that takes a stand by tapping into their passions and values through the musicians and influencers we feature in our series,” J-T Ladt, Fuse Media’s chief content officer, told Deadline. “We are excited to be entering into the impactful animation space in a big way with the provocative Sugar and Toys.”

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