New York, NY – Papoose gifted Remy Ma with an expensive push present — a 2019 Escalade Platinum — after welcoming their new child, who they’re referring to as the Golden Child until a grand reveal.

Remy hinted at wanting the ride during a Good Morning America appearance on November 30 and got her wish, as seen in the above video.

“(3 years ago)- we call it our ‘TV Wedding Anniversary’ BUT Now it’s an even MORE special day,” Remy wrote in the Instagram video’s caption. “It was originally my due date, however, after getting induced on Friday & having to stay in the hospital an extra day due to complications, today we got to FINALLY bring home ‘The Golden Child.'”

While Remy said she was “so happy with the baby that I forgot all about such materialistic thing,” she did say she was hyped about getting a cooler to store the baby’s milk though. In his Instagram post, Papoose noted that she’s been breastfeeding around the clock.

Papoose thanked Good Morning America host Michael Strahan for the suggestion on the vehicle model.

“I got that push present my brother,” he wrote. “the queen most definitely deserves it.”

He also told his wife, “Thanks for giving me the golden child.”