Los Angeles, CA

Ray J went through a health scare recently, revealing he was on the verge of becoming diabetic on Tuesday’s episode of Raq Rants hosted by Raquel Harper on BET.

As a father and husband, he chose to make a lifestyle change immediately and enlisted his best friend and fitness coach Jas Mathur for the assist.

Now, the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star spends five days a week in the gym and does cardio six to seven days a week. He’s also 86’d the liquor, wine and junk food.

“I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes,” Ray tells Raquel. “It’s important for me to get back in the gym. I didn’t want to get back in the gym, I was depressed about it. You need friends around you that not only support and be there for you but pushes you to be better.”

Ray and Jas have started a new company named Limitless and describes it as “..not just supplements, it’s a whole team.”

Peep the clip from the upcoming episode of Raq Rants with Ray J above.

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