On the latest episode of Chad Loves Michelle, the freshly engaged Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams shares with her new assistant a story of when her fiancé, Chad Johnson, decided to bust out with the Crip walk at Beyoncé‘s private birthday party.

“Show ’em yo’ Crip walk,” Michelle begs Chad for a re-enactment of that evening’s happenings.

“This is my first time meeting these folks,” Chad begins. “Everybody’s dancing and having a good time. They were playing West Coast music and people started clowning around and trying to Crip walk. I start Crip walking and JAY-Z walks over and tells you what?” Chad asks Michelle as she attempts to go incognito with embarrassment.

“I didn’t know you were married to a gangbanger,” Michelle answers as they all bust out in laughter.

And yes, at Michelle’s request, Chad does put on a performance of the Crip walk right in the middle of a restaurant.

Watch the clip from OWN’s Chad Loves Michelle above.