Auckland, New Zealand

It appears YG’s Australian/New Zealand leg of his Stay Dangerous Tour is going swell.

While performing at the Logan Campbell Centre in Auckland, the Piru prince revealed to the crowd that being thousands of miles away from Bompton didn’t prevent him from staying up on the latest Hip Hop news and he couldn’t help but kick Tekashi 6ix9ine while he was down.

“I don’t wish jail on nobody … that’s a fucked up situation; that’s a fucked up place,” he began before going for the jugular, “But nigga, FUCK 6ix9ine!” much to the excitement of the audience.

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As fate would have it, this isn’t the first bit of controversy involving his rainbow-haired nemesis while out and about Down Under.

On November 19, YG and his entourage were exiting a Melbourne airport when a “fan” reportedly flashed a 6ix9ine shirt, understandably causing a minor cuss-laden altercation. YG’s bodyguard Gloves called out the troublemaker saying, “You just took a picture with us yesterday … makes you look bad bro.”

The fan has since taken to YouTube to conduct “an interview” to give his side of the story.

The most recent mention of 6ix9ine out of YG’s mouth isn’t totally unprovoked, however. A couple weeks ago, the now incarcerated rap star went out of his way on Instagram to laugh at YG following a very bizarre car accident.

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