GZA the Genius was the latest participant in Pitchfork’s long running Over/Under series. Par for the course, the Wu-Tang Clan vet was given a bevy of topics and asked to rate them as overrated or underrated.

From Icelandic singer/former Sugarcubes frontwoman Björk and actual killer bees to “boofing” and White Castle, GZA weighed in on all of it.

GZA got noticeably uncomfortable with the topic of “boofing” was brought up, which is basically when someone inserts drugs into their anus in order to intensify the high. GZA finished that portion of the segment in record time.

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“I can’t relate to that shit,” he said. “Hell no.”

From there, GZA warned viewers to take killer bees seriously and deems them undeniably underrated. He also chimes in on sexy nuns, Impossible Burgers and BDSM (don’t ask).

Watch the full segment above. [apple_news_ad type=”any”]