Queensbridge, NY - 

The Hip Hop community suffered a monumental loss in June 2017 when Prodigy passed away. Along with his own storied catalog, the Mobb Deep luminary left behind numerous contributions to other artists’ music.

Queenbridge MC Big Twins has returned with the leaked track “Loyalty Over Love,” which holds what is believed to be Prodigy’s last recorded verse. The cut was recorded on June 2, 2017, 18 days before Prodigy’s untimely death.

With the same raw, unbridled energy that catapulted him to legend status, Prodigy sails through his bars with precision.

“Fuck your love nigga, where was you when bullets flew,” he begins. “Where was you when niggas came for me — who?/Wanna play life or death with this dirty, young veteran/I got a stranglehold on these cold, metal weapons/I got a thing for family and fear I feed off/Just ’cause I smell pussy, portrayin’ like a dog.

“Niggas really angry, they can’t handle my falls/I handle bars like lifers and motocross bikers/They can’t stand the fact that I live what I write ’cause/Can’t stand to see me at where they want to be, uhh/These bitches wanna ride up and down like a seesaw/Maybe it’s because I was fly before the Infamous rap catalog.

At the end of his verse, Prodigy spits a few lines that are eerily prophetic.

“I shine more bright than the sun and moon, sparkle than a diamond/I ain’t scared of no shit/Everybody gotta go at some point/Let a nigga rap, let us enjoy.”

“Loyalty Over Love” is taken from Big Twins’ forthcoming album Grimey Life, which is expected to arrive on Friday (November 16).

Until then, listen to the single up top. [apple_news_ad type=”any”]