Young Greatness, best known for his hit single “Moolah,” was shot and killed outside a Waffle House in New Orleans on October 29. The final post on his Instagram account was about a collaboration with Boston George called “Cold Nights,” a song Greatness was very excited about.

“He kept hitting me up to put the record out,” George tells HipHopDX. “He would say, ‘They gonna go crazy bro. I promise this record is going to go crazy.’”

The CTE artist adds, “We did that record two years ago. I thought it was cool, but I put it out for him. He really believed in it.”

“Cold Nights” was originally meant for Jeezy, but the CTE head honcho thought the song would be a good look for his artist and Greatness.

George expressed relief that he was able to drop the visual before Greatness passed away. He said he would have hated to appear like he was trying to capitalize off his collaborator’s death.

“He told me that this is all he wanted me to do was put the fucking record out and the craziest thing is, that’s the last thing he posted,” George noted. “One thing about Greatness was he was a passionate dude for the music. Every time I talk to him, he sounded like he was one hit away from being the biggest artist in the world and couldn’t nobody fuck with him.”