Cardi B was Little Mix’s second option to Nicki Minaj when it came to choosing someone to hop on their “Woman Like Me” track off their album LM5.

During her rant in a series of 10-Instagram videos aimed at her archnemesis Nicki Minaj, Cardi boasted that she’s been helping Nicki “get a bag” by turning down opportunities and among them was her passing on Little Mix’s “Woman Like Me” single.

She even played the song with an open verse for her Instagram audience as proof.

However according to TMZ, the platinum-selling British R&B group only considered the “Money” rapper because the self-professed Queen of Rap was taking her sweet time in submitting her verse and re-writing it. In a panic, they reached out to Cardi since she’s hot at the moment and because music execs were “breathing down their neck.”

Though Cardi turned down the opportunity to be on the song, Nicki came through with a verse she was happy with just in time.

Little Mix released a statement on the matter and expressed love for both artists.

“We went with Nicki because like we’ve said over and over for years, it’s been a dream of ours to work with her since the beginning,” the statement reads. “We have nothing but love and positivity for both Nicki and Cardi.”

Peep the aforementioned explanation down below.