T.I.’s Dime Trap promo clip featuring a nude Melania Trump lookalike evidently struck a nerve. Melanie Marden, the woman who portrayed Trump in the video, revealed she’s received death threats following her portrayal of the First Lady.

“Somebody was going to hit me with their car,” she recently told Inside Edition. “Somebody was going to take a baseball bat to me. Somebody wished me to get raped and then killed.”

In an interview with TMZ, Marden reiterated she’s received death threats and expressed some shock over the intense reaction to the video.

“It’s unbelievable people take this so seriously,” she said. “I’m an independent woman and feed myself, and I look after myself, and it’s surprising people have so much time to focus on somebody who took an acting job versus where’s the cure for cancer.”

She also reacted to Melanie Trump’s press secretary calling for a T.I. boycott.

“I’m surprised the lady that works with the First Lady has the time to comment on rap videos,” Marden stated. “That’s sad.”

Despite the backlash, Marden isn’t backing down from the controversy. She has responded to critics with an Instagram video in which she portrays Trump once again.

“There’s no need for death threats,” she says with a Trump-like accent. “Life is short. relax.”

Watch her response below.