HipHopDX Premiere – Sapient turns 35 on Tuesday (October 16) and in order to celebrate, the Sandpeople vet is gifting his fans with a new visual for “Overjoyed.”

Written and produced by the Oregon-based artist, the song finds Sapient venturing into more acoustic guitar-based music and using his impressive vocal range to drive home its anti-materialism concept.

“Not to be on some Ancient Aliens shit, but I am pretty anti-money and the role it plays in suppressing our natural inclination to dream and be creative,” Sapient explains to HipHopDX. “‘Overjoyed’ is about the emptiness of devoting our lives to work, receiving money and hollow praise while struggling to stay connected to what truly sets our soul ablaze.

“I was doing so much to provide for my family that I never really had the chance slow down analyze everything: the live show, the business structure, the sound and brand. I needed some time to listen to my intuition and plan my moves more deliberately, so I took a year pause in my tour and schedules to be able to refocus on my family, work on my house and and just make art.”

In the video, Sapient gets a birthday card and gift from Life Kills Slowly co-founder Timi Hendrix. He opens the giant present to find a labradoodle puppy named Moose inside.

“Timi is a super dope German rapper who has become a good friend and collaborator,” he says. “LKS releases and supports my music in most non-US territories. He really has put me on the map in Germany by bringing me out there to tour and introducing his fans to my music. The birthday present and card are his little remote cameo.”

“[Moose] is a cold killer,” he adds. “He’s not even a year old now and he has like three teardrop face tats.”

As the video continues, Sapient continues to sing while trying to light his birthday cake on fire.

“We were trying to figure out how to light this cake that my wife made on fire,” he says. “Jon Sleeves went into the garage and came out with gasoline in his paper coffee cup. I was like, ‘You sure you want to do that inside?’ and he wasn’t worried about it. So yeah, we lit a cake on fire with gasoline in his dining room.”

Watch the Tim Slusarczyk-directed video above and find more info about Sapient here.