Critically acclaimed independent emcee Aesop Rock is the latest artist to team up with Nike to create an Original Run mix.This third installment (LCD Soundsystem and The Crystal Method being the others), features an original 45 minute mix produced and written by Aes Rock.

I wanted to create something that evolved enough that the
sound was constantly fresh and attractive, as if the runner were moving through
a set of differing cities or landscapes
,” Aesop said of the project.

Aesop Rock‘s All Day:
Nike+ Original Run
will be available on February 13th at the Apple iTunes
Music Store for $9.99. Nike+iPod Sport Kit is a wireless system that allows Nike+ enabled
footwear to talk with your iPod nano, connecting you to the ultimate personal
running and workout experience. Data on time, distance, calories burned and
pace is stored on the nano and is easily downloaded through iTunes to, a personal service where runners can track their own progress and
challenge other runners.