HipHopDX – This week in Hip Hop, Kanye West deleted his Twitter and Instagram. Also, many were wondering why Drake was left off Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V, so the Young Money CEO gave his explanation. Lastly, Machine Gun Kelly‘s crew were caught on tape assaulting Ozark’s Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez.

Kanye West Says Goodbye To Social Media

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Kanye West deleted all his social media accounts on Saturday (October 6).

Before leaving his Twitter and Instagram behind, Kanye caused quite a stir with his tweets saying the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, should be reversed and restating his support for Donald Trump.

YE recently left fans upset by not delivering Yandhi on September 29, and a few days later, Kim Kardashian announced the new release date was November 23. Yeezy plans to finish it up in Africa.

Read more about Kanye West deleting his social media here.

Lil Wayne Talks “Tha Carter V”

Drake was noticeably missing from Lil Wayne’s highly-anticipated album Tha Carter V, so he explained why during a CRWN interview with Elliott Wilson.

“He has a song that didn’t get cleared,” Wayne said. “The clearances, man. The clearances, man. People be trippin’ when they find out who it is and when they find out what the song’s subject is about. They don’t represent the names of something like that.”

Also, Birdman and Young Thug may have to face charges for their involvement in the 2015 shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus in Atlanta.

Watch the full CRWN interview with Lil Wayne here.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Crew Caught Assaulting Actor

Actor Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez was confronted by Machine Gun Kelly’s crew at an Atlanta Twin Peaks restaurant last month. Video footage of the attack has since been released.

MGK isn’t part of the video, but it does show Rodriguez getting body slammed and stomped by three other men.

Watch the video of MGK’s team assaulting G-Rod here.

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DXclusives: Jason DeMarco & IDK, Slug of Atmosphere & Producers Of FnZ

Jason DeMarco Reveals How Adult Swim’s 1st Festival Came To Be

Adult Swim‘s inaugural festival took place this weekend, and HipHopDX got the opportunity to speak with its Creative Director Jason DeMarco about how the TV network got into the festival game.

“It was about a year ago,” DeMarco explained. “To be clear, I didn’t come up with the idea for the festival, someone else did. They just said, ‘Could you do a festival?’ And I said, ‘I could try!’ And basically, over the last year – really before that, a year and a half ago – we had some internal meetings. Some people did some looking at the market, looking at what was out there in terms of festivals and research about how much they cost to put on.”

Read the full interview with Jason DeMarco and IDK here.

Slug On Being “Medium Famous,” Mortality & Why He Says “Fuck Kanye West”

Slug of Atmosphere was very honest about Kanye West and his controversial antics during a recent interview with HipHopDX. He’s not a fan of anyone using their platform to create unwarranted chaos.

“You gotta also be careful who you listen to,” Slug said. “There’s a line I say that goes, ‘The stars in the sky don’t sponsor my house, so I pay no mind to what comes out of their mouths.’ So, it’s basically like, you know, fuck Kanye West. Who the fuck gives a fuck what you got to say?”

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FnZ Break Down Denzel Curry’s “TA13OO” Production & Map Out Future Plans

Production duo FnZ spoke with DX about producing on Denzel Curry’s TA13OO album and how they came to work with Jaden Smith.

“We were in the studio with our boy HWLS and Christian Rich,” FnZ’s Zac said of the Smith collaboration. “We were in Red Bull Studios out here in L.A. and we literally just banged out a bunch of beats. That was one of them. And then those guys, they’ve got a relationship with Jaden, so they got it to him and that was that.”

Read the full interview with FnZ here.