Outer Space - 

Wu-Tang Clan are no strangers to pushing products, but the group’s latest campaign might their most bizarre and entertaining yet. GZA, Ghostface Killah and RZA are starring in a new web series called Wu-Tang In Space Eating Impossible Sliders.

While the series exists to promote White Castle’s addition of Impossible Foods’ plant-based burger to its menu, it barely comes across as an ad for the fast-food chain. Instead, the debut short is a Star Trek-inspired creation reminiscent of something from Adult Swim or Mystery Science Theater 3000.

“We knew we wanted to set an idea in space for our partnership with White Castle,” Impossible Foods’ Executive Creative Director Sasha Markova said. “At Impossible, we’ve become obsessed with the idea that it’s only when you go to space that you realize how beautiful earth is.

“Then we thought, who can we send up into space? Who are the people who most embody that philosophy? And, in the midst of a crazy time on planet earth, who are the people who might have the answers? We knew it immediately. The Wu-Tang Clan.”

Episode 1 features GZA and Ghostface Killah answering questions from the 1-833-4-SLIDER hotline, discussing dreams with a 6-year-old girl named Jolee and watching a kaiju fight on the moon. RZA doesn’t physically appear in the video but shows up as an omnipresent voice in a computer on the “Wu-F-O.”

Watch Episode 1 of Wu-Tang In Space Eating Impossible Sliders above.

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