New York, NY – As two of Louisiana’s most beloved and storied MCs Lil Wayne and Kevin Gates both finally drop their long-awaited albums Tha Carter V and Luca Brasi 3, respectively, it’s important to note that the two have a long history of crossing each other paths (literally and figuratively).

Gates recently reflected on this on a forthcoming interview with Shade 45’s own Hip Hop radio legend Sway Calloway.

In the recently released preview, the “2 Phones” rapper talks to Sway about nearly being blackballed from the music industry after allegedly being threatened to sign to Young Money/Cash Money and how it psychologically affected him in early in his career.

“When Wayne sat across that table with Mack Maine—me and Fee sitting right there,” remembers Gates, “and Wayne says ‘man if you not over here, you ain’t gon’ eat. If you not over here, you know what I’ma do to you if you not over here?”

After Gates asked the Hip Hop icon to elaborate, Wayne, by Gates account, replied with “I’ma eat ‘chu.”

The incident apparently rocked the Baton Rouge spitter to his core when he received the thinly veiled threat of being blackballed from the industry, especially when he was just getting his feet wet at the time. “That was the scariest moment of my life,” admits Gates. “I’m making a transition from being in these streets. I hate to even namedrop, I hate to speak on this shit. But that was the scariest moment of my life when you a young artist, you trying to learn the game, you don’t really know the game, and you got an artist at the top telling you that if you don’t sign over here all or nothin’, you ain’ going to sign nowhere.”

Thankfully, the incident seems to have motivated his grind rather than deter him in the end, thanks to his wife Dreka Gates. “I ain’t gon’ lie,” says Gates. “It affected me cuz after that I went to the hotel and just laid down. And Dreka said, ‘fuck all that, bitch we ‘gon eat.”

Check out the short clip from Sway’s upcoming interview above.