Eminem and his wife, Kim Mathers
did not have the best of times in the public eye. After years of and on
again-off again relationship, reports of suicide attempts and drug
abuse, they finally ended their second marriage last year.
Although the sound of Em and Kim’s wedding bells ringing once more was a hopeful one, their quick divorce was not much of a surprise after such a tumultuous time.
Many wondered: Why did it end? Did she really try to kill herself? What happened?
Kim Mathers heard the rumors. Wanting to give her side of the story, she went on down to ABC for a 20/20 special. The segment, titled Sweet Revenge, gave all of her answers to the questions.
 Why did she try to kill herself?
decided to do [the song “Kim”], and not only perform the song, but use
blow-up dolls to reenact me being choked…Just disrespectful things to
the blowup doll and then [throwing] the doll into the crowd…I made it
home…I went upstairs in my bathroom and I slit my wrists and ended up
in the hospital,”
she says of her suicide attempts.
Why the final divorce?
was a disagreement between me and his brother,…Inappropriate
behavior, that his brother had…And the next morning there was a note
in the bathroom [from Eminem] that said ‘I’m going to the other house,
I need to clear my head.’ I am still confused about the whole thing. He
didn’t even come around for a month after that. He didn’t come see the
kids, he wasn’t calling me, he didn’t return phone calls, I didn’t know
what the heck was going on. Then his attorney’s assistant comes to the
door and serves me papers. Forty days after our marriage, he walks out
because of an argument with his brother. We’ve made it through me being
incarcerated, rehabs, different boy friends and girlfriends. There has
to be something going on. I just don know what it is,”
she noted.
Eminem did not appear in the segment. Later, he made this statement:
“For the sake of our children that we raise together, I have made a decision to not participate in matters such as this.”