This Thursday, on Hot97,
during the Angie Martinez show, the
special guest was none other than 50
Cent. Now some may love 50, while others hate him. But one
thing is for sure; when the man is having an interview there is bound to be
some form of entertainment.

This held true when Styles
of TheLox called in to speak with Curtis
(for the first time ever).

Troubled waters seemed to be brewing once Styles brought up 50 laughing at Supreme’s conviction and accusing him of stopping his
latest album from coming out. After back and forth banter about whose real, Koch Records and 50 changing after the money came in; both parties showed growth and
maturity (for the most part) and there might be future
business relations between the two?

It seems 50’s “I can stop a record from coming out at Koch”
comment didn’t settle right with the Diplomat General, as Cam’ron is next to call in…

Cam immediately
brings up the amount of money he makes and then begins talking record sales.
Comparing Lloyd Banks latest album
(released on a major) selling just as much as Jim Jones’ latest album (released on Koch).

“But Lloyd Banks has
more money than Jim Jones, when you want to talk on that level. You’re getting ready
to turn this into something else.”
50 said.

With a response from Cam,
“How much did Mobb Deep sell this year?” “Curtis,
Curtis, Curtisssssss, how much the Mobb sell this year?”

Cam got a bit too
wild, forcing Angie to shut the line
off. Leaving 50 with his last words.

“I have control over
his emotions right now.”

Could this be a Dipset
vs. G-Unit war?

Jim Jones says
no. As he called in after 50Cent left the show.

“It got a little blown
out of proportion … it’s all aggressive competition.”

You make the call, listen to the call between 50 and CamHERE.