Black Eyed Peas are continuing the rollout for their forthcoming LP Masters Of The Sun with a two-part video for “Big Love.” The audio of the track was released last week alongside the album announcement.

Directed by, the visual beings with a warning for its viewers: “What you are about to see is hard to watch. But this is the point of this film. It should be hard to watch. But imagine having to live through it. No kid should live through what you are about to see.”

For roughly five minutes,, Taboo and recreate a deadly school shooting and the horrifying effects they have on a community.

During the second half of the video, an immigrant family is torn apart, something BEP addressed in a recent Instagram video post.

“In a time where our government can take kids away from their parents, but can’t take guns away from kids, we all need to speak up,” the captions reads. “We all need BIG LOVE.”

Masters Of The Sun is expected to arrive on October 12.

To watch testimonials from the families and partners involved in the visual’s creation, check out the BIGLOVE website.