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Suge Jacob Knight, son of former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight, is speaking out following news that his father struck a 28-year plea deal in his murder case.

According to the younger Knight, his father has been treated unfairly and quite simply “It’s time to give him a break.” Despite the current predicament, he is optimistic, revealing that despite the plea deal it’s possible that they can “beat this.”

“It’s still a way that we can probably possibly beat this. There still is some positivity we can focus on right now…I just don’t wanna give up right now,” Knight said while speaking with TMZ.



Knight also referenced his father’s numerous health issues, which include diabetes and blood clots. He explained that due to his ailing health he needs constant care.

“With all those health issues, I’m very worried about my father,” he said. “I’mma be honest. Because he’s a strong dude, but he’s human man. It’s stresses that’s causing his health to be fucked up. It’s set up for him not to make it out. And that’s just the sad part because he doesn’t deserve it. I don’t wish this on anybody…He needs attentive care all the time.”

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Earlier this week, it was reported that Knight struck a plea deal that led directly to the former music exec receiving 28 years behind bars. As part of the deal, he plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter and admitted that he used his truck as a deadly weapon.

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