Webbie’s sons and two of their friends quickly learned that the Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper was not the one, after the group of boys was publicly shamed when they were caught in bed with a girl.

After Webbie found the four of them in bed together late at night, he shared an Instagram Live video of himself reprimanding the group.

“Y’all fucked up. My two sons…Come upstairs, I catch all three of these muthafuckas in the bed with a little girl. That’s crazy. I’m asking, what’s y’all parents number?” Webbie says in the video.

But Webbie has caught some flack due to his decision to expose his sons and their friends on social media.

Despite the criticism, Webbie has chosen to stand by his decision to publicly shame the teens. He also revealed that after asking numerous times for their parents’ phone numbers,  at least one of the teens attempted to flee the scene via bicycle.

“When I ran into that situation, I wasn’t thinking about whose kids it was…All of ’em was wrong,” Webbie said, during an interview with TMZ. “A lot of people told me you should have took off a belt and whooped all they muthafuckin’ asses…They wasn’t doing nothing. Everybody had they clothes on. Just being bad kids. It’s five o’clock, four o’clock in the morning.”

As far as punishment, Webbie appears to have that covered as well.

“I ripped the doors off the room. They don’t have doors no more…And we still have some more punishment and stuff to go across,” Webbie revealed.

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