Orlando, FL – Machine Gun Kelly has been on an extensive North American tour with indie rock band Fall Out Boy as his rift with Eminem continues to grow. During a recent stop at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, the Cleveland-bred rapper was allegedly booed offstage for supposedly tricking the crowd into posing for an anti-Eminem photo.

Before MGK starts to perform “Rap Devil,” he addresses Eminem’s seething “Killshot” response track.

.”I heard that weak ass shit,” he says. “It just confirms what I said already, man. Knees weaker, old age, the real Slim Shady can’t stand up! The ‘Rap Devil’ is in your city tonight. Hey, fuck Marshall Mathers.”

The crowd then erupts into a boo chant and he eventually stops rapping.

According to several tweets floating around online, concertgoers felt duped into supporting MGK’s anti-Em rhetoric.

“Tell them the truth Kelly,” one tweet reads. “Let them know this was Fallout Boy’s crowd. Let your fans know that you had on a jacket and asked the crowd if they can put up their middle fingers up for a picture (not telling them what the picture is for).

“Tell them how you turned away from the crowd took off the jacket to expose that shirt. Then got booed when you revealed that shirt to the crowd. Stop fakin.”

Another tweet confirms the story and accuses MGK of using Fall Out Boy to further his agenda.

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“Let’s tell people how you were wearing a jacket and told us to hold up our middle fingers for the group photo,” the tweet reads. “How you turned around to reveal the Killshot shirt and how you spent the majority of the set hating on Eminem.

“Stop using Fall Out Boy fans as your pawn in this childish feud. It was ugly to exploit Fall Out Boy and us fans that way. It’s shitty. None of us were there to see you. At least 90% of the people weren’t.”

MGK posted the photo in question on Monday (September 17).

“He missed,” he wrote in the caption.