Atlanta, GA – Benzino, who feuded with Eminem back in the early 2000s during his tenure at The Source Magazine, took to Instagram to voice his opinion on the beef that has emerged following Em’s Kamikaze LP. Leading off by calling him a “culture vulture,” Benzino gave insight into his own situation with Shady and shared his thoughts on Joe Budden.

It appears, after all these years, his thoughts on Eminem haven’t changed that much.

“I was bringing that stuff up 15, 20 years ago … about white people buying into black culture when it came to hip-hop,” he states. “I went up against Eminem. At that time, I owned The Source, and I felt like Interscope and the powers that be were trying to create this white rapper, so people of America can have they own.”

Animosity between the two stemmed from a backstage meeting in which Em expressed frustration over not receiving 5 mics for The Eminem Show.

The back and forth escalated leading to two searing Eminem tracks “The Sauce” and “Nail In The Coffin.”

Ironically, in the song ”Nail In The Coffin,” Em notes that nobody wants to ”hear their grandfather rap.” At the time, Benzino was in his late thirties — Eminem is now 45-years-old.

During the feud, The Source procured a long-lost tape of Eminem using a racial slur. A subsequent lawsuit brought forth by Em was eventually dropped in 2005.

“We did find out a few things about Eminem, how he represented the culture. If social media was out back then it would be a whole other story,” he laments.

He also dismissed that diehard Eminem fans were a part of the “real” Hip Hop culture.

During the 11-minute video, Benzino also calls out Joe Budden. “How can you say you’re better than him if you ain’t made a song going against him?”

Check out the full video, above.