West Palm Beach, FL - 

Derek Minor and Canon are currently on tour but they made sure to take a break to drop their new single, “It’s Not A Game.”

On Thursday (August 6), Minor and Canon released their newest track and visual, “It’s Not A Game.” The track features the Reflection Music artists going bar for bar as they rhyme about their musical aspirations.

“Every time I’m the studio with Canon, the chemistry is always instant. We said we needed a song to capture the vibe of the tour and out came ‘It’s Not A Game,'” Minor tells HipHopDX.

As for the video, perfect timing came into play and Derek and Canon found themselves shooting it in West Palm Beach.

“The tour had a day off in West Palm Beach and it hit us that there’s not a more perfect place to shoot the video. We had my good friend, Tyler P pull up on us and the rest was history,” he continued.

Minor and Canon are currently on the It’s Not A Game Tour until November 8 where it ends in Waco, Texas. The Reflection Music Group boss is currently promoting his latest album, The Trap, which has earned stellar reviews thus far.

“So far the tour has been amazing. It’s one thing to make the music but it’s another thing to see it connect with people in real time.  The live connection makes the music new for me every time I see new people enjoy it,” expressed Derek.  

“The tour is going great! Whenever given the opportunity to not only perform for but to engage your supporters on a personal level, it’s always a blessing. There’s only so much you can know about them from the comment sections and Twitter responses online. And being able to hit the road with the brothers you actually like and care about is a bigger plus. We’re all trying to win big. I just want to be a rapper that changed the world with my platform,” added Canon.

Watch and stream “It’s Not A Game” above and below, respectively.