Lil Jon fans were pleased when Snap Yo Fingers was released.The song, which followed a recent trend of “snap music” became a mainstream hit. Then came the confusion. Lil Jon didn’t follow up that successful track with an album.
Why not?
dropped ‘Snap Yo Fingers’ because I was going through the drama with
TVT Records, and I wanted to show people that I didn’t go anywhere,”
Lil Jon recently told Billboard.
“TVT and I eventually settled our differences. So I was caught between
a rock and a hard place, because it was really the first single for
‘Crunk Rock.’ So it was either promote the record for a nice look in
the marketplace, or we don’t do anything and start from scratch when I
do put my record out.”
Now, the producer and his various guests are in the lab, putting together material for
his forthcoming Crunk Rock album.
“It’s not a compilation,” he explains. “But
it’ll have a lot of appearances, like how Dr. Dre does his records.
There’ll be a hip-hop side and a rock side. It’s a mixture of all the
sh*t I’ve done. Like Run-D.M.C. rapping over a hard rock track, I’m
going to go back to some of those hard guitars over hip-hop beats. I
won’t do a Metallica song, but I’ll take a Metallica riff and put it
over a gangsta beat.”

The album already looks to have guests such as Lil’ Wayne, Ciara, Nate Dogg and Three 6 Mafia.
No release date has been finalized as of press time.