It was a little over a month ago when Azealia Banks slammed the MTV show Wild ‘N Out over alleged mistreatment.

According to Banks, during taping for the television show in July there “were tons of pre-planned colorist jokes,” which resulted in her becoming emotional.

And TMZ recently obtained footage of the joke that allegedly sent Azealia over the top.

During the show’s “So Petty” segment, the two teams exchanged jokes about the team leaders: Nick Cannon and Azealia Banks.

Comedian DC Young Fly took aim at Azealia with his joke, stating “My boy Nick Cannon is so petty, he couldn’t get Cardi B, so he got Azealia’s ugly ass.”

Azealia seemed immediately taken aback by the joke and even made it clear that she didn’t find the jab funny.

“Sorry, can I just say that was very anti-black? I didn’t think that was funny,” she said.

Despite the drama surrounding the episode, the Wild ‘N Out episode featuring Azealia Banks is scheduled to air on Friday (August 24).

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