Earlier this week, Dreamville artist Ari Lennox took to her Twitter account to unexpectedly announce that she’d be walking away from music as the result of mental health issues.

The “Whipped Cream” singer, who most recently appeared on the opening song of the new Bas album Milky Way, made a series of tweets on Monday (August 20), before stepping away from social media for a few days.

“I don’t see how I can ever be happy making music again,” she wrote to her fans. “I don’t want to write, and I don’t want to listen to any beats. I don’t want to perform. I think I’m [literally] done. Never thought I could feel that way but I do.”

“This has nothing to do with music,” she continued, adding that this had nothing to do with anyone in her camp. “I’m not mentally ok.”

Fans were quick to offer their support for the singer.

Much to the relief of her followers, she broke two days of silence on Wednesday (August 22) noting that she would not be quitting music for good. She apologized to her fans for unloading on them, adding “I thought quitting would be the answer, it’s not.”

“Mental Peace is important,” she wrote in a final tweet, stating that she’d be working on herself before returning to music.

Lennox’s message is an important one to bear in mind. Anyone feeling the same way — whether they have a platform or not — shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.

The entire HipHopDX team sends positive thoughts and prayers to Lennox as she works on herself.