Lando Chill is beginning the rollout for his Black Ego album by dropping the lead single, “Peso.” The new track features the Mello Music Group artist teaming up with Quelle Chris and Ojalá Systems’ Rey over the production of The Lasso.

“Lasso and I set out to create a soundscape that could be the canvas for both our southwest border influence and midwest origins, nestled between the experience of living as a person of color in a police state and the caution one must inherit in order to feel safe in a country that has yet to fully accept nor understand equality,” Chill tells HipHopDX.

“The hood is as much the ‘frontline’ as the border and reservations, as they all have been militarized against and oppressed by our government; through legislation, perception and abhorrent action. Quelle Chris and Rey from Ojalá Systems round out the narrative, creating a kaleidoscope of wisdom and wariness that precedes what it means to be a person of color battered by the wage gap within the police state in which we reside.”

Chill’s upcoming LP is scheduled to drop on October 12. The follow-up to July’s LANDOLASSO is a project exploring the black experience.

Black Ego is pride bruised by centuries of chattel bondage that engulfed mind, body and heart,” he continues. “[It’s] pain etched by force within the souls that pass down generational trauma through blood and song; and joy manifested from forgiveness built by the lengthy leash held fast by our worn, black and brown hands, fastened to the collar around the neck of your transgressions; past, present, and future.”

He adds, “This record is a journey through the black experience, hindered not by what blackness should or should not be, but what it can, will and has always been; beyond the perception of self and sphere of influence that is intermingled with misconceptions of black masculinity, sexuality, and brutality, and the minstrel face of cultural appropriation. Paul Mooney said it best, ‘Everybody wanna be a nigga, but nobody wanna be a nigga.”

Listen to “Peso” above. Pre-order Black Ego here.