Kevin Gates was released from prison in January but seven months post-release, he still seems to be adjusting to normal life.

During a recent interview with Los Angeles 92.3 The Real’s DJ Hed and Bootleg Kev — his first since getting out of prison — things quickly take an awkward turn when Gates gets uncomfortable about the questions he’s being asked.

“Look, I’m not tryin’ to be short with y’all, but I really wasn’t prepared to no interview,” he says around the four-minute mark. “I’m working right now. Luca Brasi 3, that’s all I can think about right now.”

From there, Gates starts looking at his phone as the radio hosts try to press on. He soon cuts off Bootleg Kev and asks, “Ayy, no disrespect, how long we gotta do this? I just come out of jail, I didn’t even get time to transition and I feel like I’m being interrogated … Like I’m talkin’ with an attorney.”

Gates keeps returning to the topic of new music and tries to keep the focus on his Luca Brasi 3 project. He also says he’s an introvert and doesn’t have any or want any friends.

“Hey, I’m me,” he says. “If you’re real, I fuck with you. If you fake, fuck you. I move by myself. I’m not a tough guy. it’s just me and God.”

For another seven minutes, the radio hosts attempt to get Gates to open up but he remains tight-lipped.

The Baton Rouge-bred rapper has done other awkward interviews in the past, so it’s not a huge surprise this one didn’t go so well.

Watch the full interview above. [apple_news_ad type=”any”]