While it was initially speculated that Rich The Kid’s cryptic “RIP” Instagram post was in relation to a potential name change, it appears he’s actually a hacking victim — and the perpetrator is looking to cash in on his work.

“I need $750K for his page back,” the alleged hacker, up-and-coming artist Yung Navz, wrote via Instagram. The rapper’s handle was linked in an updated caption on Rich The Kid’s post, and he took it a step further by posting a video of himself logged in on his page.

It also appears Rich’s Twitter was compromised with the same message/video being posted, as well as off-brand jabs at Nicki Minaj and Kanye West.

Rich The Kid


(The previous version of this article was published on July 31, 2018 at 9:23 AM and can be found below.)

Rich The Kid whipped his fans into a frenzy with an ominous Instagram post on Tuesday (July 31) that read, “R.i.P. Rich the Kid 1992 – 2018.” He thanked his fans and family “for everything” in the caption and wiped the rest of his account, but according to a comment on the post by Rich Forever A&R Gramz, the post isn’t as tragic as it appears.

Thank u all my fans & family for everything ??????

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“He changing his name,” Gramz wrote in a comment.

The “Plug Walk” rapper also “liked” a tweet suggesting he’s simply “trolling the internet.”

Rich has been critical of his 300 Ent. label, recently dubbing it “the worst label ever” while pleading for his release from his contract. “I don’t wanna be with y’all label no more. Y’all suck. Y’all is trash,” he said.

So could the R.I.P. post and clean Instagram be more a reference to a figurative death rather than a literal one? The change of name could potentially be a way for the rapper to continue making music while his label situation gets worked out.

Iconic rap group Rapper’s Delight — formerly The Sugar Hill Gang — famously lost all the rights to their name, but through a name change loophole, were able to tour for years performing all their hits.

Likewise Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol in 1993 while having contract issues with Warner Bros.

Rich The Kid’s team has yet to release any further details.