Los Angeles, CA – The Grammy Award-winning songwriting talents of Tiffany Fred is now shifting its focus on the solo tip and the R&B singer has partnered with HipHopDX for the release of her second single, “Mr. Weedman.”

The smooth out number features Los Angeles rapper JDoe and will be centered on her upcoming EP Rollin’ With The Homies. And Redhead Fred explains how her ode to Mary Jane isn’t just some trendy or catchy expression.

“I’m crazy excited about this song for a few reasons,” she explains to HipHopDX. One reason is weed really saved me man!! I’ve suffered from panic disorder for years, and mine were terrible, like the kind that makes you pass out and throw up type terrible. I’ve been on every medication out there and quickly found myself addicted to Xanax. Weed was one of the things that helped get me through it!! Weed slows my crazy creative brain and lets me be in the moment with everyone.”

Cause she grown.

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“Second, this song was written and produced by me; minus Jdoes awesome verse of course and oh my god how awesome is that!! Being a producer was always a huge goal of mine so I’m proud for this one to be all me!! And three, I’ve known Jdoe since I moved to LA in 2007. We have literally been through so much as homies. I’m so grateful that after all these years and all that dumb shit from back in the day, here we are sharing a record together!!!”

Back in 2009, Fred won a Grammy for her contributions to Jennifer Hudson’s self-titled album and has also conducted hits for the likes of Zendaya, Tamar Braxton and Jason Derulo.

Stream “Mr. Weedman” up above ahead of the EP’s August launch date.

Rollin With The Homies’ debut single in “Don’t” can be streamed here. For more in-depth info, Follow @iamtiffanyfred on Instagram.