Lil Pump and Charlie Sheen followed up their social media previews this week with the official version of the “Drug Addicts” video on Thursday (July 5).

In the visual, Pump and Sheen act as doctors, administering drugs to both their patients and themselves.

Check out the video above and more info on the rollout below.

[This article has been updated. The following was published on July 5, 2018.]

Lil Pump proclaimed he wanted actor Charlie Sheen in his next video back in May and evidently he’s pulled it off.

Both Sheen and Pump fired off social media posts referencing Pump’s “Drug Addicts” visual earlier this week.

On Tuesday (July 3), Sheen tweeted a photo of himself and the Miami-born rapper. He wrote in the caption, “Hey @lilpump, what day did you want to break the internet?”

The day after Sheen shared the photo, Pump uploaded a clip of the visual on Twitter and urged fans to retweet it if they want him to drop the full video.


The 50-second long clip, which features both Pump and Sheen, has received over 600,000 views since it was shared on Wednesday (July 4). There’s no word yet on when Pump plans to release it.

Pump shared his original request to social media and promised Sheen cash for his appearance. Sheen retweeted the video, calling it “just another Wednesday in Sheen-ville.”

Sheen appeared to take Pump up on the offer last month. On June 8, he shared an Instagram video of the “ESSKEETIT” rapper showing off a Fox News article about the video.

“making history,” Sheen captioned the post. [apple_news_ad type=”any”]