If the photographs to advertise the Yeezy SUPERMOON Yellows looked familiar, it’s because they were — at least according to Instagram account Diet Prada, which illustrates how people in fashion are regularly “knocking each other off.”

But according to the Daily Mail, a Belgian artist named Rita Minissi took a series of photos in 2015 that, upon closer examination, look very similar to the photos that Eli Russell Linnetz took nearly three years later. But while Linnetz took his photos for Kanye West’s Yeezy SUPERMOON Yellow campaign — which received a lot of attention because it featured naked porn stars and models, including one porn star who is dubbed a “Kim Kardashian look-alike” — Minissi took her photos to process what happened to her during a prolonged physical assault that happened when she was 16.

Check out Diet Prada’s photographic evidence below.

We’ll note that in the Diet Prada posting, they threw shade at West about the so-called “Tony Spackman sketch.”

They’re referring, of course, to a sketch that West posted to his Twitter account back in April that claimed to be “where a YEEZY study for a base level starts.”

He then later tweeted credit to Tony Spackman, while claiming that the “designer” who stole Spackman’s work was fired from the Yeezy team.

However, West hasn’t been shy about endorsing plagiarism in the past.